Like its so interesting

I knew girls have a higher sex drive than guys statistically, and my exs were not aversive to that

But i thaught it was statistical bias, and it was just that i had been around particularly kinky girls, but like

I have to say, there is a relevant rise in me just beeing horny, but a different kind of horny


Are you still eating that biscuit?


In the most interesting places

Like its so interesting and socially functioning

Like these weed candys

Like its completely BeurGeOiSiy drug taking


Like i should make some lower dosed ones for girls

Bc they are obviously dosed for guys, but girls are often physically lighter and in general react differently to a lot of meds

So those would, and probably are overdosed for most,

Like you can also just take more

Btw i am getting used to this tits thing

Like thats just fluffy fatty tissue, like thats a vibe

Also like sensitive nipples, probably why i am horny, but like such a interesting kind

Like i fuck with that

Yes, i am re-watching a anime i have already seen, focus is now so on the female character s

Thats apparently all hormonally managed

I need a natural analogy for the word managed~


Flow bound

Whats the thing called where water emerges from the ground

A spring?, a well..

Its all hormonally arisen


I like that






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