I learned coding bc it seemed easy to pick up, bc it basically the same as i do with reality

Like i already understood how it works, bc i understand how really works, in broad strokes

And then refactored onto the lower paradigm, or higher, depending on gravity

Like i had done a Thurrow analysis of language itself and logic

Wittgenstein and fluff

Was playing with reality

And saw coding and was like

The word may be flesh

Like thats why i dont like js stuff, its all repetitive learning of library’s

Like u forget them tomorrow anyways, why are there a million dependencys

Like i can do basically everything i understand

But like all those libraries are cool, but dont have a index key

Whats a index key?

Its a concept i developed some time ago

Like i have a visual representation too

Its the Index of something but comodifyed for usage

Something like a tree comand, but with more dimensions






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