I am thinking about the design language

Bc we know blockchain works, like technically

Question is what each chain represents

Like i am going with

Like this basically extending a basic crystal shape into ornaments

Like its just a technical sample for me to remember

I want a vibrant but diffused soft glow underneath, a linear gradient

Like make the base colors vibrant and full

But use them really defined

So i have a high contrast between glow and background, but still defined edges, which however go over into backlit glow

Like its like i am moving the light source behind the actual strip, which is a clear defined and solid colored high vibe strip

I feel like i need drop shadows

However, that what i have in mind

So like you know who made that, just by looking at it

And then i basically make premade playingcards for myself

So i can really easily arrange something, bc i have premade easily rearrange parts which look Premium

Oh, btw thats coffeeine, i slept too long to get a energy

Like its cheap, its legal, it does what its supposed to, make me awake for work

Like i have already decided what i am gonna trade that addiction for

Like you can trade addictions for a better life, like best deal i ever made

But like i actually forgot again what i wanted to trade it in for

Oh yeah, the coding job which pays better

Like i dont need caffeine to show up to code

Like most programming jobs are reading and debugging other ppls code, which is really helpful for learning, i admit, but seems like heracy against possibility

Like to me, like i know that would be a bad position for me, but i would also love it bc i can learn stuff

But like you learn 10x actually doing something and failing, like its preference i guess

So like if i can find a job actually doing programming that would be cool,

But you probably do enaugh coding watching a server somewhere






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