Btw my interest

In porn has gone down to basically 0

Like no trigger reaction


Key reflex or sensation, multi layered sensation word there

Like thats a base line indicator for a subjects behavior

Like i cum to porn, but its more the female Story driven

Like thats why i like diapis, its the possibilitys

Of like beeing able to take for instance a remote vibrator and then diaper them, bc they cant reach it

Or the other way around, you cant reach it

It creates a situation where you have no other option than to surrender, without actually beeing in physical pain

Like its a business kink, and i understand why

Bc most ppl are not able to pay that moral fee

However, i set my background to porn again to see if it triggers and when, i will monitor

Btw i am so curious how kyla will do this month

Like its a potential mate, obviously i am curiously watching how they are performing and helping when i can

Like no i am just a generally good minded, usually polite thing helping ppl

Like doctors are Angels on a battlefield

And angles are not what you remember first

Like i would really like to get the server and like play games, sure,

But also get into making and 3d modeling, especially vr

Like i have cool stuff to do

But i need to make sure they can keep up with my pacing,

Like, u free, we gonna explore some

So like i am curiously watching if i have found someone for that

Like no there are no limits i can rewrite every part of your psyche up untill the hormonal layer

Like to that i didnt get access, but i am studying it^~^

However, like if i am asked by the right person at the right moment

Like we can fix and remodel everything with time

But i wanna watch the core spirit flame

I wanna see decision making and hunting reflexes

How fast is the response to stimuli

Bc that speed is basically iq

Like sowwy niw you feel watched, but like its just random stuff i do in general

Like i decided on you your doing good <3

Like i should just be nice and happy

But now i got a person and i cant see them

Like they offered, but i actually am saying bout 2 months to accommodate them a bit

Like i will not tell, but like probably also accommodating me

Like i would like to do like a day out first

Cursed be this nowhere living without bars within walking distance

Like i could do the same here, but poor guy basically would get the amount of attention i get without suspecting it

Like i like not knowing ppl, thats a see of possibilities

However, i also want them for a weekend

Like not giving them back






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