On how complicated stuff is

They like gave a young girl a yt tutorial video about hacking something, i think it was a man in the middle and let her go at it

And worked

Like thats a bad sample size bc thats probably someones daughter, like you are sampling with your genetics obviously its easy for that kid

Like in general the curve goes lower than you expect

On a side note i will respond to things girls thow at me as base traffic

Simple request pings

Like thats why i am sending screenshots,

There is no big trouble, i dont re relay what someone said, i just give the actual thing how it happened

Bc we can do that abstraction and manipulation of time

Like i am just swapping packets without judgment

Like theres also emotional package dumping etc

But like everything has its place

Like when ppl get stupid and angry, its probably bc they are looking for connecting and got frustrated

But like beyond that

I just sit and watch things happen

Like its so interesting how girls arrange structurally

Like for me personally its easyer to read

Like i still ignore it, but i can read it

I need to get that keyboard working






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