U know

I am at the point where i could be high 24/7 without issue besides the job

Like financially that’s not a issue and i am actually looking to improve it

Like i need to find a job where i can be high and code, like nothing customer facing

Like its not like my work gets bad

Its just that i am less scared in social situations

Like less than i am generally

Like since the hormones, not at all thb, but like compared

So like that sounds social, which it is, but i will also be tinkering with your social frame

Like these coding Jobs are also advertised for this

Work remote, time indipendent sceduling etc

Like these ppl sleep as weird as me

Bc Internet, different time zones etc,

Like you cant really Anker too much, which is great for ppl like me who prefer to float more

I wanna see kyla ~

Like i just need to give okai, but my perception has not adjusted to someone actually liking me

Like what do i do?

Like i wait for the hinges and see where i am then and decide ~

Like i could really not be with a person who is not into drugs tbh~

Like i am so happy about having them

Like our seceding is odd

But i shouldn’t even have a scedule, like i am working on that

In the future, if we have mismatched sceduling, its bc i was probably sleeping at a odd time

Like we oddly vibe, i like that

Like i maybe fear that they come by and i dont like them~

Like i dont think so,

But who knows ~






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