I am

Avoiding to work on the marketplace, arent i~

Like no hurry now, i have reached my goals

I have a remote job, i have the money to move, are high and diapered, even have a usb keyboard

Like breaks are important

Like i did good, i should honer that

Like i even stopped smoking, i got hormones like what even like yaaay^~^

I got a chill task of sorting my stuff, i can do that

Btw i have a sandwich maker now

Like my sis gave it to me like2 months ago

And i was too lazy to get it

But like fills in greatly with the food i get delivered

Like even my food gets delivered to me

Like 1 level up and i get payed more, meaning i am really secure in a really chill place

Like thing is, if i get so much disposable income, i can dump a bunch more on monthly rent, bc you usually are stuck with a apartment for a while

But like getting a new job is usually not that time predictable


But like really unpredictable

But no hurry¡~^






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