Like this works incredibly well for me

Like i forgot to add a trash folder for mutt, so i cant delete emails there rn,

But like i get mail, i have a place to put it

Like i can probably go and make a fuction to read my calendar to me now

Like i added mail sending capability, like the other script had

Also added light control to the cleaned up version

Like it works, but i need to figure out how to best do this

Like there is no pipe in my modules, meaning

I cant take something like,

search x on YouTube

Bc it can open youtube, but its missing the option for custom data input

I would like to add a menu option too, bc its a bit non Euclidean rn

Like i am refferencing single keys

That works, but could also be a single function file if custom inputs are present

But i also like how simple these files are rn

Like the light file which horus is executing is autotargeting the path for the modules

So i can basically just judging what and where something is automatically, or thats the idea at least, so at the end i can just get a list of all files

And let it go, oh thats playing media, so i should dim the lights

Like it makes sense with perceptual pattern mapping

Like thats in the ActioEt folder rn

Like i will get a github token on the weekend and try to upload it






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