Can i

Scp a Android device?

Seems possible

Like i am trying to sync calcure with my phone calendar without using google

Thing is it is saving it as csv, and not ical, meaning ics

So if i scp it to my phone automatically via a script

So i would need to convert that, and the manually add that

Or like i reverse calcure, bc it can import dates from calcurse, which is saving in ical,

But like i would still not be able to edit something on my phone and have it synced

Like there is something with next cloud

But basically its, put the ical on a server and get it

Like mail is working great, i am using p=p

Great app

Question is

How do i sync that

Like even Google only has read access

Like i need a app which basically sends and receives csv files via scp but like cron sceduled but on Android







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