The low ones, still make you quite high, like i cant work like that

Like coding, yes i can work like that, bc you fall into the code and its another ligustic plane of reality and perception

Like that vibes, but talking to ppl, thats too strong

Btw random drug Marketing idea, qr code stickers, which send you to a random, Archiv. Org book

So like you buy drugs, and get a free book recommendation

You could even implement advertising on drugs like that, like you could sell ad space

Like if you sell mescaline, but you dont sell lsd, you could advertise on their sales route, without hurting them

Like you could use weed just for that

I will now clean a bit

Btw now that i have a piano, i need something to do with it, so i will make a album called toony

Bc it gives me oppertunity to heavily refference what disney did with their music

So i can learn that and also, it seems like something fun to start with

Also its linguisticsly interesting,

The toonly and loony are screwed up bc they are loony and toony






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