Like from that point

I can add custom layouts and gui designs for how i want to display my data etc

Like i would like to somehow connect task warrior and calcurse

So my tasks go automatically into my calendar and other way around

That would automatically scedule my warrior project management into my calendar

Bc if they the same, i basically just need tasks,

Like maybe as a bar to see whats going on tomorrow, but like main focus is tasks, and mail

Maybe a finance graph or number somewhere, website statistics or something

Like i basically don’t need to think

I can get up, go bath, and then get high and follow my planning

Like having a coding job, i sit, listen to music and code, like much better than what i do now, bc i talk, so i cant really listen to music~

But basically i do my stuff, do my work work, and when it tells me to stop, i go watch anime or whatever ^~^

Sounds good

But first i gotta figure out what the tax ppl want from me~






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