I now own a midi keyboard^~^

Also i worked on the voice recognition

I put a system in to detect trend in usage

What i want is

These programms u use the most often

And a these succession patterns are used a lot

So if i go check calendar, then watch anime, then open a terminal every evening, it goes,

U open a lot

Calendar, anime, terminal

So its basically mapping my behavior patterns, and could theoretically assemble module playlists for me

Like it needs to figure out which number is which on its own for that to work

And there comes negating into play, like

, actually i could just reverse set, couldnt i~

Like if 3 is the set of the set of 1

Then i should be able to let it decide based on reverse engineering against 0

, what exactly the number is

Or i could batch 2 numbers and make hashes etc

But i want it to figure it out, itself, bc theoretically the number line is infinite

And i am sure thats transferable






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