Heres the status

I have sent the package for the doc, asked for a refill on their website, and to send it to the sender adress on the seringe packet

Called the tax ppl, i was hoping they go, oh yeah its done just wrong letter sent

But i will have to see why nothing was transmitted, like if it didn’t work directly via them, i have seen a button on my bank website to do it

Like if it didn’t arrive then i iva a recipt of the bank sending it, and if they dont get it, i have a other big institution saying it was sent

Couldn’t reach the ear doc, and they don’t have a mail on their website ~

Like this tax thing is the main focus

Meds should be good, and the doc, like i am not in a hurry there

But like i want tge tax thing gone, else i cant focus on other stuff

Like i dont want more than 3 parallel processes






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