My insistance on not working also has a good reason

Its rythm

Like for instance, if i sit on a Tuesday at 11 in he morning and eat cheesecake somewhere

Like all of the ppl working dont have that timeslot

So all the ppl you randomly meet there, either have the money, or the time or both, to be that odd with their times

And like if you have money and time, you obviously look for ppl who also have basically time whenever

Like thats where you meet the interesting ppl

Like its also mote chill to eat cheesecake

But its also using and optimizing herd movements

Like filtering the population by interesting ppl

Like my dude you are in that time space, you are wearing sandals, i am probably in a kigu

Like i was too lazy to even put on pants, and you shoes,

Vibe, lets get high






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