I now have a voice for my system and it recognizes keystrokes

Like i can say space

And for instance on a anime site, that will be a play button,

Bc the spacebar is always a play button etc

Esc to exit a full screen window

Scroll keys

So like i can browse the web from my bed without the remote

Like i need timer modules, but basically

I could clean that up to get a file to post somewhere

So like if i go


And like watch the anime, like after 5 min or something it dims the lights,

Like i can use sleep for that, but like also reminders, add calendar, do i have emails, read email, alarms etc

Like i would like to get email and calendar going

Calendar needs a add function, and a alarm if there is a entry on that day

Email needs to check if i have new email, and alert me, if so






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