Like no one is

Lazy, thats a myth

Ppl are happy to participate in projects and build and organize stuff, thats basically all society is, a game of pretend supermarket

Its just when you limit ppl by where they are, where you get issues

Bc ppl will be forced to do things no one cares about

And they dont get payed their full part

Like not in a here i made this part for the thing, here is exactly what that’s worth

Like that means they are not motivated to participate

Like the smart ppl are actually where they should be in this chain, they are proposing the actual projects, they get payed for beeing novel

And the slower ppl by ability or group effort can then build it

And actually you could just pay ppl indefinitely like that

Like you put that part in 10 y ago, but its still beeing used in a project, so you get your share

Like its absolutely brilliant



But we’ll see how it looks in practice after i moved






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