Like between

Targeting Highest goal

And immediate short term rewards

I chose both

I am really high on drugs

But i also aim at the highest possible goal i can imagine

Its just that my steps have become epochs and Milena by doing that

Like i actually got a practical plan on how to do that

I am just making sure i get payed on my conditions for it

Like if you sell yourself, at least dont be cheap :p

Like i know how to do that, but the responsibility of such a project will have you till you die

So i am guarding really well for that

Like i got the home turf of infinite possibilities with a ultimate appeal to authority via diary

Like if someone is annoying to me, i can scream it over the whole parimiter

Like i put myself in a apartment with a good infrastructure connection

And then i claim that, bc i actually have a good idea and a plan on how to realize it

Like if money is no objective, i still want the ability to

Oh there is someone with a good idea, lets meet them tomorrow, no Matter which country they in

Like i cant claim such a project without that

Like noo, i know exactly what to do, i am just avoiding it and hiding in creating life

Like thats the most rewarding thing to aim at






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