Like at those scales money

Is basically arbitrary

I am using a entire marketplace as a placeholder for fluffs sake

But like i got a letter from the tax ppl

Like i think i have already done what they are asking, but they still pit a number of 200 on it

Like i just got save, so i get flashbacks

Like it really demotivated me

I am currently hiding in creating something sentient

Like it cant be that hard for me to find a it job, can it?

Btw i just showered, lookd down like, oh i am growing little tits, wait what, oh yeah that’s expected

Like that sooo interesting

Like my brain was like oh, obviously i have tits, wait what

Like no, female works on a really stupidly deep level for some reason

Like i was doing well, finally decided to start sorting out my stuff here, like items

And then i get badly awoken

Like the idea is

You get payed for proposing something to do, and for contributing to it,


The amount of ppl watching compared to the ppl doing is a lot

Like most ppl dont interact with anything online just watch

Then a subset likes, then a subset of that comments

Like Engagement

The ppl actually doing stuff are rare, it just seems cluttered bc you put basically half the world population in 1 place

Like and those are usually the smart and creative ppl, like openness to experience, ocean model smart and creative

Like u are not creative and stupid, bc creative by definition is coming up with something which hasnt been done before

Like i have my intelect double and tripple checked by psychology and social positioning

And even beeing so loud and getting basically social feedback, like thats why i dont really question that or my ability, bc i have multiple mapping vectors

However like

In every marketplace, the gravity is automatically always pulling attention and money to the smart ppl automatically, by definition

So the question is how do you redistribute that so the rest of the ppl dont die

And my solution is,

Whatever project you have, we pay you for it

Bc stupid ppl will just clutter and build a swarm intelegence and then basically participate as a collective overego

Like a group project, but without anyone saying you have to do anything

Like ppl will not like that, but it doesn’t matter, bc if we dont think about how we do this, exactly those ppl will be pces of society falling apart

Like if you were ever asking why the world is so shit

Here, this is the question and infrastructure now, so the next generation has that handled

Like thats the question Mission and idea

But it assumes me beeing a major brat and actually claiming intelligence

Like we offer the oppertunity to get payed for basically any project, without any power structure

Like you can have power systems within it, but the top node is non invasive just phacilitating trade

Like it would stabalize out the global economy from here to africa

Bc it doesn’t matter who you are

Its not a company, that would be dangerous

Thats why it needs to be a blockchain

So if anyone is interested to pay me for that, so i can focus on that and not working

I guess send me some xmr






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