I am smart enough to do it but stupid enough to actually do it

Like the reward for doing work, is more work

Btw thats such vaguely defined term for its pattern recognition

Like there is no use of putting yourself in a better position, if you just gotta watch other people suffer

So thats kinda the only thing worth doing to me

Like ppl will throw resources my way if i actually say i need something

Like even if you give some money, like that temporarily helping, but the issue is probably systemic

like their issue is not having a job etc

So lets remove all that social latency of actually having to get a job

Bc you can just help wherever you think is most important, or most pretty for that matter

Like its redistributing by actually good projects and ppl freely wanting to contribute

Stay with one project or leaving for another is no big change which needs to be accounted for

Like it will in practice be recorded on chain, but basically you can just switch without consequences

Like thats actually a good idea, i know, its brilliant

Question is about assembling it, like i would probably feel more motivated getting money for it

But i am also cautious about that responsibility

But also i got nothing better to do

Like aiming at the hight value i can image, there is litterally nothing better i can do






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