So went shopping

I told my dad about the blood thing and he got quite scared saying it was soo dangerous

Like he so scared of everything ~

Cant wait to be on my own again ^~^

Like i get it but my tolerance for beeing scared is less

Like i went to that city, bc i know which pharmacy will just sell me a bunch of seringes there

Like i say what i am about to do

And these girls will be super interested and give advice and supplies

Like they went to med school, they know the type of person who will experiment on themselves, and that you cant stop them

But like for not scaring my dad, i wont

Like i want the magnet implant too, like i will have to cut into myself with a scalpel

Like its fine for me, but like a heart attack trying to control me

Like he gave me the car, so i will not draw my blood for today~






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