Like what i feel bad about

Is asking my dad for the car

Like i will use it, to go shopping, bc i planned that anyways when i already got it, bc water is heavy to transport

Like if i knew

But i didnt

So idk

I need to move and then things just relate to me

Like if i borrow someone’s car, or like something socially

Like if we don’t like each other, we don’t have to meet again

But that doesn’t work for family

Like i need a better paying job or like something

Like i put myself exactly at break even with the apartment

To make myself move

But now i am in a situation where i have to do something ~

Like as intended, but still ๐Ÿ˜€

Like ppl get neurotic with me

Bc like if you are trying to control things, like i am a nightmare

Bc my urgency is my ability to do things

We can transfer data instantly, the postal service is 1-3 days

Like 99% of things i can just send, or get send

Like i go on random walks at 4 at night,

As a parent you would get so frustrated and loose after like 2 days with me

But like its completely fine for me

Like i do quite well without too much structure

But,, slower,, ppl get reeeealy nervous when you use less structure, bc like they reeeealy need that

Like its a balancing of structure and light

But like i am living asynchronously to the rest of the world, and am doing good with it, like i get up at like 14 meaning 2pm

Work and am then awake at night

Like a controlling person will get a heart attack trying to apply rules of behavior onto a constantly moving target

Like i got everything i need, besides a bathtub and a better way to make money

Like i have been writing with kyla, i feel quite good in that regard

I like them, like there is some small stuff, but like they are working on it

Like i can work with such a person, i am happy with that

Like i got another month or so then i go get a appartement

Like i got a letter i dont like, so i will have to investigate that

Like i think its something i already solved, but i will have to talk to them on Monday






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