Symptoms, shorter breath

More spaced out, like foggy, but not in a bad way

More focused on the immediate social field, instead of really distant movement of pray

I like it

Exactly what i wanted >~>

Like i would be lost without my calendar, but also managing it got easier

Like i am still trying to figure out how to make use of my speech assist

Bc like i open a browser with it, and thats it

Like i can add like dimming the lights if i start watching anime

And like keyboard commands to navigate

That would be options

Like i got a error, but after that, i will pull a iso to put on github

Before i continue, like stable version

Like i have it already aliased, all paths are relative

Like i am trying to think of something useful to do with it

Text to voice will be fun i think

Like letting it read my emails to me

Like ill probably do a d tour over the marketplace fix that, look at me finished apps, finally etc etv

Like i am doing nothing, but i got a mountain

Like i need a better way to make money ~






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