So its basically working

Question is config

Like i would like it to open , in the morning,

Task warrior, calendar, finances

Then play music or something

Like if i had a bathtub, i could use that pattern

Like i just get up to open the water, and then go over my stuff, and then chill in the bath

Like if i can get a smart mirror going

At some point i just get that info while bathing,

Untill then i can just let it read it out loud

Like thats just mu general stuff

Then i work,

And after work, it can show me my project management and i can do my to do list

After i chill and watch animeand be high

Fall asleep, and wake up again to chill in the bathtub

So, calendar and finance modules are already working

So ill add task warrior

Like i need a tv i can automatically turn on and off with a timer

Make a comand like

Start my day

Or something, bc i dont have the timer to turn on the tv

And i need to prepare my clothes

Like i feel like its too early, bc i haven’t moved yet, and dont have the bathtub

But eh, why not






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