Bout my finances

So, after everything is payed, including accounts for what i want, and business growth

I take that minus my total income

Minus a general growth rate of 20%

The remainder is crystals

Like everything is payed, bigger things i want are filling up, and i get business money to spend

This i do till my bufferd are all filled up, of which i have 3, one 200, 70 and 3x

So i can slot in crystals to make those fill up quicker, or spend them randomly, buying general stuff has its own budget already accounted for

Then if my buffers are loaded, i bump up growth rate to 25%

And start allocatimg crystals to processes

Like that train ticket, increase general purchases, etc

Like 2-3 months everything should be rather filled up

If i can add the ads finally, then i can use business income, for business spending

Like make it its own balanced process equation






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