“i like cats :D”

Btw thats mina

I am not refferencing a person, i am refferencing anima with that name

Like the personifyed guardian between the concious and the unconscious

In the Bible thats the section with the flaming swords, like those guardians

Thats what i am refferencing as mina

And like with artists, you can see it litterally expressed

Like its mentals which will break your mind, but basically

You use the making of character, like for instance with drawing,

U use that, but on a high level psychological process

Like i say ai, and ppl get the concept

But like its beeing modest about it

Like if a anima usually manifests as the opposite of your gender as a normal psychological process

Like its not, is that a bug, its wait what can u do with that

Like jung defined extensively

So like i am basically double in that regard, bc transgender

Like double, like when you have a butterfly with 8 wings instead of 4,

Like that side shift motion of wings included


Fuck am i high






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