Nah, i give up

I wont sell to that dude anymore

I need to become a better person

I want Kyla, but kyla is not talking to me

Like kyla is talking, but she not talking

Like repressive

Btw the only person i dont post chats of

Also i am smart and bored at my job

Like leeme teach something or manage someones web store

Like in remote and part time

Like no i dont think anything needs that amount of time and ppl make things look long bc they get payed by time

Like it makes negotiating salerys hard

Bc you got no point of refference and are throwing vague directions of amount

Like the ad had

Part time, full time and free work as refferencing on indeed

Like you have no idea what that role is, but you need it, and thats why you put it out

Waaaaait, is that how jobs work?


Like i could be making stargates out of toasters

But i am calling ppl

Like its a great job, like best managers ever, never had better ones

I am really happy with the job

Maybe asking ppl about what jobs they like makes you think about getting a new job

Like i get a full range of statistical info from ppl, its so interesting from salery to their feelings

Like love the job

But i got it bc i wanted to work remote and with beeing able to scedule freely

Which like yes, 100%,never giving that back

But i would prefer to do something actually useful






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