Like girl

That was not a i dont like you joining

That was a, i am watching you bc i am talking with this guy to avoid the other

Also i wanted to know if i wanna cuddle that guy

Like not my character, like good character, but like not my character

Like the sloth sin from the seven deadly sins anime, but without the sloth, maybe a bit , however, thats what that guy reminds me of, dont ask me why

So like i wanted to know if i am interested

Like random pets would be okai, but i think in general not my type

Also was just randomly talking about stuff~

Please save me and join this conversation

U interested in the guy, want me to introduce you?

There was this wonderful snippet of terrence on some gathering

Person comes up, starts talking about something completely stupid

And terrence goes, oh yes, do you know this guy?

Like no, i see the issue but explaining it would take longer than necessary

Lemme look for that






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