Sold some gummy bears

Like i got them the stronger ones

Like could be a tiny bit stronger, but good

So with those profits, i now buy a bunch of the weaker ones, bc i get more of those for my money, and i wanna test,

Bc if i am looking for something stronger, i just take something stronger, like mushrooms or something ~

But like with that, i now have the subroutine for my supply of beeing high stable

Like i could get them cheaper if i make them myself, but ill see

For the next month or 3 i should be good,

Like i take when i dont work, so that reduces quantity per month

Meaning i probably have payed off beeing high till i move

Like this just works like this bc i sold the strong ones and buy the lighter ones for myself ^~^

Obviously everything legal compound

Like i went drinking with the ppl in the tavern in front of the house,

Like i dont go there, bc my family rents out the property

Like i get more attention than necessary

Could have gone tripping, but didn’t feel like it~

Like i will probably eats some acid, but i wanna program, and get a stable version of that voice activated thing, bc i am buying the mic this cycle

Like beeing arround creative ppl, like thats just how they are

Like you draw a pic of a cat, i go sculpt this lizzard

Like progess is not stopped for social stuff

Or at least in my experience






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