Like about selling those

Talking prices

I charged those gummys at 10 like you would a gram of weed, like just the strongest gummys selling

Like that person, like last time we had the payment after i gave it to them

Like this time they showed up with 50 for 10 gummys, and 6 legal tabs

Like they are trying to buy for 50 since the beginning

But i dont start selling below 100


Like all compounds were legal, so its a normal conversation about business

Bc dealing is annoying and there is a comfort amount for me

Like no there is no name anywhere

Like they are not buying to sell

Also like when i was asked by that guy on Silvester about helping with their business marketing

They were there, but bored,

I was like, next round is on me, bc the other guys were paying the entire night

Like i am a girl, i can it, but like the other didn’t seem to move out of beeing a coward, so i did

And he jumped into the conversation objectung the guys happyess with,

But you have payed for all the other rounds

Like noooo thats a problem, you dont like when ppl do better than you,

U get bitter, instead of trying to do it too and measure up

Like maybe he doest know, completely possible

Like i was so confused i never actually talked to the guy about paying that round, like he said he pays everything total and i pay him some

But he never mentioned anything, like i have the number, we wrote, they can complain


I sent him to the bank

Like noo, u wanna do business, i need to point that out bc you go fix that

I am tripping ungodly amounts rn, and i gave them strong tabs

Hope they alive :p

Like i sell to you, but i dont move under 100

Bc if you were to fix that, you probably wouldn’t even think about it

Like drugs are counted by 100s

Like you buy per 100 and obviously dont move before that

Like the casino table with the smaller quantitys should be under you, no matter which player of that game you are

Like thats hard in practice

Like i am personally just in a good position where i can take rather openly

And i sell legal drugs, and basically just psychedelicz

Like thats not heroin or something actually addictive, like i think ppl get to it wrong, bc they start with the extract instead of the opium

Like the opium is probably plenty for 90% of emotional cryostasys you wanna do

Like i think heroin is not that dangerous to some Arabic guys who basically were raised in opium, like its still heroin, but just by experience, bc you already know opium

Like it so hard to get actual opium

Bc ppl just smoke heroin, like those are the same ppl

Like i will try it, when i can go mad for a year

Like go to a opium country and see how they smoke it

Holy am i high






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