I will put in

Buffers again

Like i have the main buffer of 3 months,but running against that i have my job income

So if i spemd more than i should, like i can balance that with the big buffer,

Or i set a smaller buffer between those 2


Job ¡ 100 buffer ¡ 3x buffer

So like i can overspend if necessary, but have time with rebounding

Like i can fill that 100 buffer with a 25 crystal a month and after its full, go to a 5er c instead of immediately having to try to patch the hole in my financial wall

Like it should balance my system

Like i have buffer slots in place from my last system,

Spending money is buffered, i just lacked value crystals to put in~

Phone bill with unlimited internet is buffered

Btw some of these porn ad websites offer btc payment *-*

Like i can clamp my ad revenue directly into my crypto wires

What i am still missing is something so make online purchases with crypto, then i  am really happy

Like i can do the reverse etf and buy some index funds too for giggles

Like i need to do a real threat assessment

Threats are loosing a job entirely

Buying too much random stuff

Second, is solved via the buffers amd budgets

First, is dependent on the hard hit

Like 3 months is good

At 6 i dont really have urgency at all

Like if all goes well and i move in 2-3 months into my new apartment,

Like i can probably also buy the PC

So like i work, be high and play in my new apartment

I should have the ability to travel wherever in Europe quite swiftly by train

And have a city to explore ^~^

Like the work is axis mundi






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