Random girl while drinking,

I wasn’t mad at you or something

I just smell like a brat bc i am one, and 90% my exes were pretty and or smart

Like i am judging you, obviously

But like obviously i will open a place in the group if you wanna join conversation

Like i expect you to be a brat and invite yourself

Like ill throw you if i dont like you and you beeing annoying

But nah just join

Like nah i am watching u bc i expect you to join conversation

Like thats what i mean with if i say i dont like something

Like its kinda amplifyed by who i am

Like thats a normal waiting, i am just bigger than used to

And it will be read like that socially

Like not theory, practical in how girls perceive other girls

Like nah i am talking about the actual thing u use to communicate

Like ppl always get stuck on the theoretical abstractions, but like they get it quite quickly when they have actually experienced it

Like i have the girl, you are competition

And i am attracted to you

So i am waiting if you are courageous enaugh to make me interested

I wait for the person to jump that social fence, and based on which direction they land, i can determine what they actually want

Like if they jump in refferencing 1 specific person, they probably want that person

If more general, probably just talking and chilling

I feel like i should have tipped her

Like while paying






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