Watch “The Myth of Individualism” on YouTube

Good video, dont like the conclusion at the end

It assumes ppl automatically get along

Nah, they will straight up murder each other, so we pout them in kages, so they dont murder reach other, so then ppl go away ppl the environment become hostile and cages, then ppl are alone, so we put then together again

Like like its a balancing wave

Like the obvious bigger picture of repetition is like a obvious thing to the ppl doing something else

Like move the general masses, but dont make it mandetory for me,

Its a social problem

Like u remember the Southpark episode about voting


Like good video, would change nothing, like maybe the ending by 2%,couldnt say which direction, like it

Like did you ever have a teacher tell you,

Rephrase it in your own words

You are speaking in snippets of other ppls ghosts my dude

Use your a b c ‘s thats why you have them my little little

Its not the formulation, altho often its the most elegant way, its the idea cluster behind it

Putting the reaper, the bad wolf, and snoopy in a room makes a odd story despite a continuous backdrop

The reaper and the wolf are both death, but they different distinct facettes of the multidimentional idea crystal/cluster mapped over time, like they the same but different, like you can change the same thing

Remap it, as it actually is rn, and then put it in as your own character, then it also really fits your own words

Bc you have transmuted the unknow mercurial spirit into matter

If that may sense, however i need to sleep~

Video should get a price tho






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