Like i think i spent this months pay

On eurofurence already

But next month the rent backlog falls away, i already got my piano, and theres something else too

Like i should get over half of my income to spend, or manage into crystals

Like next month is high and chill, make music month

Maybe travel and cuddle

Like kyla is in the same area, so much cuddles

Like i cant be in the area and not drop by

Like if i am high with random energy crystals to spend, might as well make a weekend trip or two, buy some cheesecake

Feed some tabs to ppl


Like i need to chill for apartments anyways

Like by that point i should have everything i could need, besides a everywhere ticket for the train which is expensive, like it makes sense when i moved, bc you can train between big citys easily,

Like i can just go everywhere in Germany basically as long as i have TIME

And a pc to okay games, with a oled tv and vr stuff

Like by moving a latteral step, into IT, i probably get both^~^ and then i can reduce time to fit a every second week pattern

Like i can take a train to Amsterdam for a week and then come back and work, without it conflicting my patterns

Like i got lost in madness for a week, oki. Lets teach some IT for a week,

Cool i can get lost again etc

Like that would be a ideal next step for me^~^

Like i dont have vacations, but i think thats okai

I am not sure if 1 month is possible or already decoupled from rythm






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