So, i will

Or i am basically done with the marketplace

Like i need to figure out how to remove the savety pin to let sellers register, but might be bc i have no payment options set up~


Then this is basically chilling

And i go do blockchain stuff and focus on codename beyond

Like if someone wants to support me, or the project they can sell or on my marketplace

Like i cam come up with events and stuff, and like put in categories

Also i would like monero as a payment option, but later~

Or never, bc beyond is basically the same but oriented somewhere else and blockchain, and in another place

Its more parable than analogy

Like i am already sitting on the big tanker, like, time will tell

If you dont have anything going you probably have no possibility

But my possibility is now extended to that of a marketplace

That can slowly meet its targets as i work on other stuff

And like i can come up with events and stuff for ppl to do^~^

Like it needs to be a lot more confusing ~

, so ppl get wandering around the labyrinth






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