Okai, si

First call today was annoying so i went looking for jobs, like last was great tho

However, i noticed like i can take those special jobs now

Like part time home office, indipendently employed without med insurance

Like thats covered by my normal job

Like what i applyed for now, is like teaching IT to ppl

Like ill probably make in a week what i currently make in a month there, just bc different industry

But like you wouldn’t usually take such jobs, bc you need to pay social security extra

Like its actually not that big of a issue bc i can be a artist, and the artist thing pays half of the social stuff if i were to go 100% indipendent

But usually you would ignore these jobs

But now, i have the time to also do that

Like my website stuff is not that much to do, after they sit, i sit and watch

So like i could slowly get into like working a week or 2, instead of every day, or only some days

Like then i can slowly fade out normal working

For now, i stay where i am and look for something like that, or watching a db or something






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