Okai, my hoster

Wrote me at 6 in the morning

I swear that would be my job:Dd

However, it happened what i suspected ~

Like it was long burned, but i never actually changed it, bc i have a backup of the website creds

The pw was sent to the email connected to this website hosting

I ordered the new package with the email associated with this website, where they also send the confirmation for the purchase

So like i suspected the pw went to the old mail, but i was hoping it didnt, bc it wasn’t involved ~

However, i got a response, thats progress ^~^

Like it makes sense bc that email is also hosted by them, so if they go down, thats bad~

But like makes sense for me, bc i am using this site as a comand and control for the other site/s

Like i sit here and plan what i do, so i use the mail of this site as a refferencing point for them

Like wp uses oauth, it has different users with different privlages for security and stuff, so thats not as stupid as it sounds :p

Like its stupid, but its a risk i take for ordering

Like if the marketplace really moves, i need a security person anyway to slap my pawbs for beeing stupid

But for now thats fine






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