My dad was like

Things are getting so restrictive

And i was like

That was always like that since i was young

Like no, it was always everything restricted and heavily monitored, thats why i ignore rules in batch

Bc if you are gonna overstepp anyways, might as well ignore them in total

Also there is was no option of buying a house within any reason of means, not concidering loans, by usual means

Everything you will try to do will be heavily sanctioned, so doing anything outside is not a option

Besides bars and clubs, which are all the same boredom of regulated down outrageousness

Like i cant blame anyone just playing games

If there is anyone opening anything interesting, they will be out of business again next week bc of the current economy

Like in the bigger city’s there is a lot of good food*-*

But besides that

Bleh, I’ll sleep,

Like nah i was born in a world like this, your generation did that, you fix that yourself

I go be high in a diaper and chill till they make a amazing vr headset






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