Yes yes no bathtub

Move in yesterday please

Like i am looking at window space too, bc light, but also i have them usually blacked out, but good to have

Like i am tricking on room size bc of folding furniture and how i set things up in general

Like i have desk and shelf, with like such wall storage, not much shelf either

Like i have adjusted to the size thing a long time ago

Like it was always clear, yeah your spending half your time selling something else, or spend most of your money for 1000 rent

Like i asked random dealers i met about their rent

Like the ppl really making money sat in the smaller apartments anyways, or just go get a house somewhere~

Like if i plan on kids thats a different story, but i cant get cuddles rn, i am fine till the next move

Like optimally i am looking for 2 rooms, but i just need 2 to put a server there ans kitchen, so if the kitchen is big enaugh, like 1 is fine

Like why that person in the small apartment selling kg and the other one only small stuff

Probably bc they spend 1000 less on having their apartment look like a temple in venice per month, even tho both work bout the same payed manager job

Like disposable income and fluff






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