Thing is

If i activate the key commands

Like you can surely navigate a browser with keys, so i can surely now with spoken language

Like its about functionality now

Like i want to know whats going on,

Show me projects, mails, i could use telegram web or matrix for messaging

Oh yeah, a speech to text function

Where i go, mina speaking

And it types out what i am saying

Whatever Management i use for the websites, my bookkeeping

Like i am too lazy to manually turn off the lights, but those core functions i mean

So like i get woken up, it turns on the tv, asks if i am awake

And if so starts showing me my mails etc

Or just reads them to me~

Like what ppl expect a smart home to be like when they initially heard the idea^~^

Before giving into the reality of their placement ~

Like it will take time before i get to a level, where i feel comfy with like

Get a pi make a fenced off version and give one to my parents too

Bc like they are not watching their websites, they dont need that

But also i will be called if something is not working

Like ill do that when i am happy with testing it^~^






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