I am progressing great in all regards besides cuddles

Like i want Kyla, but we meet like 2-3 months

I got registered for eurofurence

I am working

Theoretically got rent together

Made a voice assistant for my fluff

Got 2 ppl making apps

And a marketplace in the making

I would still like to make that calendar,

Like i am missing a random person i can talk into cuddling me

Like come here via the city train, and later i throw them out and send them onto that train again

Like need to go somewhere with that infrastructure of ppl parceling service, that’s really useful ^~^

Like i think its clear why i am not get cuddles, bc i am objectifying ppl without minding

Like the smart ppl dont care they sitting on their own gravity, probably beeing more polite about it

But like ppl get afraid getting my true attention is hard

Which yes, it is

But thats not making my cuddles situation easier

Like ill sit for now

And then get to ordering a piano






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