I only ate waffles and sweets today

And i just took a tab


Like i have food made from yesterday, i just need to heat it

Also i did the bringing bottles back and filling up my fridge for the sake of having it full thing

Like i have food

And i get delivered food

Its just that i forget to eat

I ate some crackers with chilli dip^~^

Like i am not eating a block of meat on lsd~

Lemme eat those cracksers again^~^

I am getting kinda lonely tho~

But am also too lazy to clean up outside

Like ppl will randomly start showing up as soon as i clean up~

Like yaay^~^

But also

When i work i have other appointments so i forget to clean up~

Like there is no special person i like to keep it clean for~

Like i got air filters and voice assisted, lights and bookkeeping, my toilet glows and shoots water,

It seems like a bad joke to say i am not able to keep my sink clean

Like i think i am able, but not very motivated ~

Like also i am known

I am writing with ppl, ppl are proposing to come to me

I think i am able to find someone, but for some reason i choose not to

I am confused

My phone battery is almost dead, i will write then






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