Like the issue

With this not cuddles madness is that i am working

Like if i am not working anymore, i can finally get lost in this madness of my mind

Like i feel like the marketplace is a good idea

Like it may take some years to do something

But having it around is good

Like i get a comission on all things sold, which ill set at like 2%

Like etsy, fiverr, etc asking 20%

Like fiverr is really nasty in that regard

But like seems good having that around and offering ppl a place to sell

Like i would like that, allowing gifs, its something furry amino had in the beginning and i would love to see more of

Like normal ppl will be scared shirtless

Bc they want business to be stable and trustworthy and like known

But like i would like to offer to the actual sellers, like the ppl buying will come bc you have sellers

Like they do their own marketing

My job is providing a healthy environment where they feel comfy to do business

Like i dont have shareholders

1 % is plenty for me

And the other 1% i keep business internal, and like donate to WordPress and plugin, hosting ppl

Like of the naming

I am naming it mainmarketsqare

Like the epiphany i had was

Wait, i can name domains like known street names

Like i can extend that analogy and keep the trust of that analogy in the street department

Like its the market square, and bc domain was taken, its the main market square

Like i think thats a great idea

Like its made possible by a specific plugin, and its really well written, you can see that at all the edges of it

Like i would be pleased to funnel money back to those ppl for keeping that plugin up

Like they had a live demo

If they showed the premium version and come afterwards, oh you have to pay for that feature, like i will be mad

Like ill write it myself out of spite

But i would actually be really happy about having that handled by someone else

Like if everything works as intended

Like i will ask them to make me a custom version where that 1% automatically goes back to them

Like asking that from their side would be rude

We are talking about the profits of a entire marketplace, like at those amounts things are different

So ill happily give that back to them

Like ill have that even programmatically cemented

If they were so kind to offer such quality for free

Like its mentality clear written

Like as a coder you see their language and you know

Like ill take a %,

general upkeep like hosting is a %,

those ppl get a%for the plugin

Another%for events and prizes on the site

Like ill put it at 5% giving me a bit of wiggle room

Like ppl are not doing that bc its kinda tricky to get that validated in the social structure

Like go and Market a entire marketplace without a real budget

Like oddly enough i am the person for that, i think:p

Like its applying to my morals, but for legal resons no cp, cub and loli is okai

Animals i dont mind, if you hurt animals in a suffering manner i will hurt u

There is actually a part if my psyche which i tend to avoid

Like as a kid i was playing with cats

And like bc my dad is a Mason, i have plenty if heavy stones

So i build a house and put a cat in,

The issue is that i forgot it overnight

And its stone

I saw that cat walking backwards and die soon after that

Like i was made so aware of mortality in such a drastically horrifying manner

And of the consequences of my actions

Like u hurt animals, i am gonna pin you down

Like i was like 5 or something without the concept of things dying before that

Like i was crying a lot when a cat died, any cat

I was really emotionally bonded to those cats

Like they would have young

And come to me and wait till i follow, look if i come, and bit by bit, show me where their young are, like

I am reaaaaally good with animals

So that really sacred me profoundly to foget that cat there



Porn is allowed, but like make it good porn

No low grade stuff, i wanna see some good and healthy furry porn selling

Like after the gifs

And actually seeing what i am working with when installed

I will look into giving you ppl a sorting system with lookup functions like we are used to among furrys

Like this quickly bridges into content, but like ppl have social media for that

Dont resell chinese stuff, or ill link ali express on the front page

Like i have special authority in those regards , thats why i think i should

Not legally illegal

Like we will only be the sellers of digital booths, what ppl sell in there is non of our business

Like we enforce general rules of conduct, but wont hunt down every new drug variant no one even heard of

Like i own the land, the street, the square,

The vendors on that are sub contractors

I just own the street

Like and it works bc market squares irl work like that, there is a real life thing you can point to and go

Its that, and everyone understands you

Like i know who i am and i also see the dangers

Like i want real solutions to things not just bans

Like want porn, okay, sort it

Want drugs, okay, classify them

Like its my responsibility to facilitate between reasonability

Like no, actually lets not mind doing something illegal and actually think if we can make things save, for instance with drugs and classifying them

Like we dont want save

Thats a stupid ideal

But like looking responsible into things

Like if you’re kid can use your credit card, it will also be able to avoid all our security measures, just bc thats how things work

But from what i know, kids are actually quite responsible and respectful with that stuff

Like no, the young i see arround they know the dangers and are politely declining,

Like in this case i was in a group where a discussion about porn had started

Like iam in so many random groups~

Like its mostly the fear if the older ones not trusting

Like how about leading by example and finding a way to actually deal with that stuff

Like i dont want to design based on the fear of the public which relationship with i am confused by

Like thats really vague territory, can you define that?

So like from there we classify by actual danger

Like ppl are get confused with all those dangerous things around?

Sure lemme order them






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