Like its mostly


Okay, can we actually get it sorted out or  not

Like the legals are no issue as long as we are actually tackling the right question/s

Like with those drugs, classify them label them, map out family trees etc

Like everyone wants those to be used save

Not using them is not a option, it exists, it will be done

Stop drifting off into illusions of beeing able to control things, thats not realistic at that scale

So we have a problem of classification

We can sort things and actually create maps

Like in essence it just chilling selling drugs, but its pointed at a certain higher goal, and thereby makes sense to the male ego of having everything sorted and bound

But obvious this universe is infinite

*giggles into mittens*

But like we just pick a high enough goal and make the journey the goal

Like its like a normal job, i am just a tiny bit bigger*blushes*






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