The reason i am not listening is probably

I can clearly see in which school you were indoctrinated in, and i see where that original thaught you had, clips into the larger subsystem of its main function

Put differently

If you have a lot of ppl raised with the same values, ppl for them selves have new ideas, but all in the same region of thinking, mapping spacially

Like i can probably disect a sentence to its larger structure and mythology, i am still working on entomology, much greek and latin, i had French in school~ and i failed French no regrets there, i have 1.

Like i am not listening bc i can see the larger substructure of reality, so i can estimate the likelihood of someone actually saying something interesting

, based on reverse engineering their mental framework on the fly

Like buffered by interest

Like i dont think thats easily explainable enaugh to tell someone

Like i am not bad at social situations, its just rare to see me in any

And now i got everything on bright rainbow colors from the hormones ^~^

Like i still need to learn to be nicer tho~






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