About that status stuff

Like with the apartment stuff i baught etc

Like nah, i get the stuff and thats it

Then i move on to other things

Like i am just putting things in which are easy to upkeep

Like i dont wanna upkeep status constantly

I wanna raise the floor by sea levels, so if i part it, i dont drown afterwards

Like it really doesn’t matter

Like ppl have skills and are making stuff

But everyone is kinda sitting waiting to see a oppertunity walk by

Like anything with those tools is enaugh to not care

Problem is preserving time and actually finding a oppertunity to do anything

Like if anything happens, it doesn’t matter anymore anyways

Then the time becomes important, bc it determines how fast you can f off and do something else

Like if you haveoney and wanna travel then, you first need to find a good person to manage stuff etc etc






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