The toilet thing is not working and i dont understand why

It should

Like it did, then i unscrewed it to apply tape in the seams bc it was leaking with higher pressure

Now its not leaking but also not working, like really low pressure

But u think i read something about that in the manual under troubleshooting

Like it seems known

But i have to screw it apart again~

I am definitely not a plumber, like ill 100% let the guy do that without hesitation

Like the toilet works normally

Like i had a in-between where i was worried i killed the toilet

Like i got diapers, its not a hurry, but like should work ~

Like does, but i still dont understand how it works

Like bathroom stuff is a mistery to me, and you get all wet~

Like i was stupid enough to have the thing installed and go,

oh button

And get all wet~

Like yes, i am stupidly smart, but my mind also is goldfish

I have a feeling my dad was hoping ill ask him to help

Like he is obviously curious when i am doing stuff

Like he has never changed the breaks on the cars, so he obviously curious

I have a feeling he was waiting for me to ask

But i am sure he would have just asked

Like he has my number

Like ill go assemble a spaceship without asking anyone

Like i have stopped asking ppl for help, i just expect ppl who are competent enough or eager to learn even, to join in randomly when they see me going

Like ill just go and do stuff

Asking for permission is kinda stupid if you are in a area where no one has been before

I so need someone to cuddle






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