The easiest way to like do this gender stuff

Is to rename the dualistic version to gender radicalism

Bc it is the same structure as political radicalism which has been so forcefully loaded with mana by ppl

So as soon as you connect those 2, that should make quite some trouble

To encircle the issue with marking

Its dualistic reduction

Bc things are usually more complicated than 2 things, or black and white

Like you should understand why black and white thinking is bad, that should be loaded already in the standard core packages

Things are spectral and it causes classification issues ever time something non dualistic, not 2 poles ,non binary, eventually appears

Like dualism is not bad, but its bad with ppl who cant change their filters alone and are stuck with whatever they were programmed to

By renaming that you suddenly put those ppl on the outside bc of the political loaded line of center and radicalism

And diversity on the inside

And ppl usually want to be on the inside of the group somewhere by instinct

The echo of the cold war Red scare propaganda should eat that without a issue






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