Do i register for eurofurence or not~

Like it would really fuxk with my financial planning, bc they were moving the venue to get more space or something, so they moved it from Berlin to Hamburg


Lol, they don’t want me to pay, they are just reviewing it

Like tell me that before i calculate me finances:p

Btw how? They just moved the venue, how could he have experienced paying there before?

Like my finances actually kinda work with it

Also i wanna do stuff, like i saw they have jobs posted

Like its my first con, its the fastest way to get to know ppl

Also like i just like helping with stuff

Like dealers den seems like my place, so much business around is a delight

Like they have the most expensive 5 star hotels listed on their site, maybe thats where that number is from~

Also like thats just my character i am honestly scared but also already in

Like i was asking my doc scared about the seringe for the testo blockers and if there is another way

But then asked 3 times till i got to set the needle myself instead of the doc doing it

Like i am so scared but so fearless too:Dd

Btw i have your appointment in my calendar, i am trying not to forget it^~^

Car person, i have no idea, furget about it, maybe later

Like i am unhealthyly stressed for some reason again rn~

Like there is no need to be scared about beeing at the con, i am already a part of the larger organism doing stuff

Like the ppl you meet when applying for such a job are probably the competent ppl

Like i think that would be a good choice for me






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