U know the person i was

Writing with

I forgot about their existence over the weekend

Like that not good

They like psychedelics and diaper, like we vibe

But like i am not doing anything really but i keep forgetting ppl

Okai, lets assume they have something to tell me i dont know yet and would like to hear

Like i can talk about tripping with them

Thing is i look, k like mine, sits back down

Like i am too comfy with ppl

Like cool lets meet,

But things usually take time and energy

Like we are relatively close

Like 2h

And by furrys standards, like they are not in Australia

Like i have no concept how my life works rn~ i changed stuff my mind is still adjusting

Like i got a lot of what i wanted

What now?

Like i have plans but like


Lets try if i vibe with her

Like i dont want to force stuff bc i have a tendency to forget about ppls existence

So like i try to balance that






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