Is there actually something interesting we can do with all this attention?

Like speaking on a globalized scale

Yeah if anything its what i was doing with codename beyond

But it fucking with my mind

Like it would allow ppl to get payed for stuff by actual competence

Like this has been tryed before social networks which pay coins

If anything its bc i am placing it somewhere where you can trade it to monero without kyc

Like i havent found a parent coin i am happy with to develop on

Like i could fork monero, but thats a hell of a lot of work to keep up a coin

The issue is that i want the mechanic as the coin, and then let ppl do their own interfaceslike i provide a template, but in general

Like i am testing the front end with the website rn

Like i forgot about it~

But like its basically the technology we have, but i am framing it towards a specific purpose

Like wp is exactly the frontend to spread something quickly, bc its easy

Like thats why i use it

Bc i can burn the server and reflash it without worry

So i would like to have a front end which hooks into a backend

So i am basically setting up the front end, to just stand arround

So i can go and develop from there

Like i have 1 side conceptually cornered then

I will need to get into chains again

Like what i am thinking of doing is mathematically simple

Its just division, but to whom is the thing

Its the wallet Management which is breaking my perception

Its like a spacial cycle of infinite strains

Bc i am thinking of using the wallet adress themselves as usernames to solve my refferencing issue

I guess it’s a matter of aliases, but like

I can write the core math but i also somehow need it to transfer stuff

Like i may have already solved it pretty

By putting my wallet as wallet 0 of the chain

Meaning i collect all fees automatically as a side benefit

Like Satoshis, low level Cent amounts, but i like fairy dust

Like it had a really good reason about post refferencing which u don’t remember really

But like it would be my cheapest way out






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